Hints for Firework Safety

Read carefully directions from the label before using it!

Do inform kids & teens also about the risks & security measures when using firework!

Only use authorized firework articles – in Germany these are marked with either a CE-sign or a BAM-number.

Use the right equipment and ensure a hard level surface!

Consider the shooting direction & safety distance when setting up firework.

Remember to stay away immediately after lightning firework.

Never experiment with homemade fireworks and do not modify the article itself!

In case of a „dud“ firework wait 15-20 minutes then you can light the spare fuse. In case there is none or it’s not working wait another 10 minutes and then soak the firework in a bucket of water. 

Don’t mix alcohol and fireworks!

Safety first! Wear safety glasses/ ear protection and always ensure having an adult supervision!

Ensure having a bucket full of water, a garden hose or any other item for fire extinguishing nearby.

Also think about your pets – keep them indoors!

Only use firework outside and at places where you have enough space.

Keep in mind to tidy up afterwards – dispose of your fireworks after 24 hours in the trashcan and clean up the place.

Hints for ensuring a fun and safe firework (display):

  • Store firework always in a cool, dry place.
  • Stay away from making own fireworks or buying illegal explosives – only purchase firework from reliable sellers.
  • Only use fireworks outside and at places with enough space.
  • When setting up your firework display consider the shooting direction of the firework (e.g. i-shape or fan), the safety distance from your audience (min. 20 m) as well as any obstacles (cars, trees, etc.).
  • In case of bad weather conditions (e.g. fog, drizzle, rain) we recommend to cover your firework to secure it from huminity and wetness.
  • We also recommend strongly to prepare you firework display already during the day time (e.g. unpacking, unboxing, looking for the right equipment, place, lightning tools, etc.).
  • After lightning stand back immediately from firework and do not (at any time) hold firework in your hand when lighting it. Also take care not to have any part of your body over the firework.
  • Take care of safety measures for yourself (e.g. safety glasses, ear plugs, cotton cloths, etc.), for others as well as for the environment (having always a full bucket of water/ garden hose nearby).
  • In case any of „dud“ firework – ensure you wait 15 – 20 minutes befor you can look for the spare fuse and light it there. In case there is no spare fuse or it is also not working – leave it there for additional 10 minutes and after that soak it with water.
  • Do never throw/ point fireworks at other people.
  • Do never carry fireworks with you in your pocket.
  • Do never shoot fireworks in any kind of/inside containers or throw them into the sewers.
We wish you lots of wonderful and safe firework displays!

In case of any further questions or information needed about how to use and set up firework - please feel free to contact us anytime!

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